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Predictive Minds is built to make hotel management so insightful and profitable that you wouldn't dream of doing it any other way

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A letter to the community

When we were getting started, we were focused on creating a business with a  higher purpose, mission-driven and value-centric. Of all the areas that design, data, and machine learning have touched, they have largely bypassed hospitality. When making decisions about how to grow or sustain their businesses, the vast majority of hotel owners still rely on guesswork and elbow grease. And all this effort takes them away from the true purpose behind what they do —giving their customers unforgettable experiences so they keep coming back

Today the potential for technology, data, and creativity to help hoteliers has never been greater, and our company was founded upon the strong belief that there’s a better way to achieve it — a way that enables hoteliers to keep doing the things that they love by focusing on the customer.

We invite you to learn more about our company and our mission through our Letters from the CEOs series.


Our Mission

We want to make our services so insightful and profitable that you wouldn't dream of doing it any other way. In support of this mission, Predictive Minds has created a highly talented team of Revenue and Reputation experts who work directly with the hotel team to develop and execute winning strategies to build top-line growth.


Romal ‘RJ’ Jayswal

Founder and CEO

I created Predictive Minds to transform the way hotels are currently managed: Scientifically, Efficiently and Value Driven.


Rashi Jayswal

SVP - Reputation Management

I lead Reputation Management. Committed to increasing your Revenue by improving the hotel's online presence.


Aditya Bhradwaj

SVP Operations

I lead all things operations - increase quality, productivity and employee satisfaction to ensure a seamless customer experience.

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Mitul Patel


Being a second generation hotelier I understand the business inside out and customer success continues to be my #1 focus.

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Sophia Schmitz

Dir - Revenue Management

Drive revenue and market share for each property in the portfolio and direct the day to day functions of RM team members.

Our Values



We genuinely care about our customers!
Your success and happiness is our ultimate goal.



We move Forward with hard work and intensity, making sure to pause and learn from our experiences



We embrace change and adapt on our
never-ending quest for growth and balance in the work we deliver.