Welcome to the world’s most advanced revenue management system, powered by revenue science, advanced analytics and machine learning. Get ready to embrace the full benefits of automation, with accuracy you can count on and decisions you can take to the bank. This industry-leading solution is paired with a world-class client care model that will ensure your success.

How it works:

Predictive Minds is a fully-automated revenue management system. To put it simply, it analyzes property performance 24/7 and pushes back optimal prices to PMS and OTAs. In doing so, it is capable of increasing RevPAR over 19% (on average, according to our pre-pandemic data)


Real-Time Dynamic Pricing

Use precise AI-based price recommendations to optimize prices after every single availability change. Don’t miss events. Sell always at the optimal price.


Already integrate with you PMS

It’s a plug-n-play. It automatically connects to PMS and channel managers, analyzes performance and pushes back the prices to OTAs.



Our scrapper constantly shops competitive position in the marketplace and updates the system as per the market movement

Welcome to the Modern way of Revenue Management

Learn how to out-market and out-maneuver your competitors with AI system that analyze data to drive Action & Win Market Share

Find your hotel's edge with efficiency and confidence.

When it comes to navigating the hospitality landscape, simply reacting to competitor pricing isn't enough.Predictive Minds will propel you to the forefront of your competition through cutting-edge automation, data science, and years of real-time industry experience.

Predict the Market, Increase Your Revenue

At Predictive Minds, you can take comfort in knowing that you have a full team of hospitality industry experts in your corner. We use a comprehensive approach to revenue management, taking into account factors like RevPar and the cost of distribution in order to give you a full view of your revenue management picture.

An overwhelming amount of factors go into rate prediction and revenue management. Things like:

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    Supply and Demand

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    Special Events

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    Day of the Week

Monitoring and analyzing these factors, plus familiarizing yourself with market trends in order to predict fluctuations and optimal rates can take a significant amount of valuable time from your day. This time could be used valuably in so many other facets of your day-to-day workload.

With Predictive Minds Revenue Management Services, you can finally slash those details from your to-do list. Our market-based quantitative models combine industry intelligence with performance data to generate the best possible pricing and revenue per available room.


Predictive Minds combines data from multiple factors like season, geography, and day of the week to discover the most optimal rates for your hotel.


Results don't appear out of thin air; they stem from the strategic analysis of comprehensive data from all facets of hospitality. We take care of the analysis to form actionable future strategies.


By combining cutting-edge technology with thorough data analysis and the invaluable insights of seasoned hospitality experts, we'll find you the optimal rates for any time of year.


Gradual learning and dynamic improvement by gathered data to capture revenue growth, month after month.

Running a hospitality service industry is no easy feat, and the mundane tasks such as setting up pricing can start to seem like a lot of work at some point. Knowing last year’s numbers and the current season isn’t enough information to use in setting up your room pricing system. The solution to this is the use of automated revenue management systems for hotels.

Because hotels must cope with fixed expenses, perishable inventory, and variable demand levels, revenue management is essential in the hospitality business. Typically, revenue management entails predicting demand, making smart price decisions, and maximizing income utilizing analytics and accessible data.