Let us be your Director of Sales and win more RFPs with Global Sales support

Our Global Sales team offers full-service RFP support, helping hotels navigate the complex RFP bidding process to help them win more contracts from corporate travel buyers and groups. With assistance from our team, hotels can more easily target the RFPs they want and tailor their offerings to meet the travel buyers’ criteria. PM boasts one of the best RFP conversion rates in the industry, with hotel partners winning an incredible 24% of RFPs compared with 12% from similar corporate sales solutions. RFP Support includes:

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    RFP Response across all sales portals

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    Centralized RFP Support Team

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    Lead Generation and Automated rate loading upon RFP acceptance

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    Corporates RFP negotiation support and Lost RFP Analysis

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    Rate description support and Internal audits and reporting

By utilizing a remote DOS, you'll be able to focus on the things that matter most while accessing the expertise of top-notch engineers and some of the most experienced minds in the hospitality industry.

Sales are Integral to Success

The success of any hotel hinges on the effectiveness of its sales team — you can work tirelessly for an optimized experience; if you can't spread the word, your hotel can't thrive.

Hiring an employee with the training, instincts, and resources needed to achieve optimal sales can break your budget in the blink of an eye, with our customized services, you can have all of that at your fingertips, and at a price that works for your property.

Group bookings, LNR accounts, RFP responses, and sales inquiry calls not only take time but also require an experienced eye to be truly effective. With our sales team, you'll not only get the expertise of one of our hospitality professionals, but your hotel can also receive remote sales training designed to hone the skills of any existing sales team members you already have.

Stop spreading yourself thin. Let our sales team drive your sales, maximize your revenue, and secure your spot at the front of the pack.