Predictive Minds Service

Find your hotel's edge with efficiency and confidence.

When it comes to navigating the hospitality landscape, simply reacting to competitor pricing isn't enough.Predictive Minds will propel you to the forefront of your competition through cutting-edge automation, data science, and years of real-time industry experience.

Predict the Market, Increase Your Revenue

At Predictive Minds, you can take comfort in knowing that you have a full team of hospitality industry experts in your corner. We use a comprehensive approach to revenue management, taking into account factors like RevPar and the cost of distribution in order to give you a full view of your revenue management picture.

An overwhelming amount of factors go into rate prediction and revenue management. Things like:

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    Supply and Demand

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    Special Events

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    Day of the Week

Monitoring and analyzing these factors, plus familiarizing yourself with market trends in order to predict fluctuations and optimal rates can take a significant amount of valuable time from your day. This time could be used valuably in so many other facets of your day-to-day workload.

With Predictive Minds Revenue Management Services, you can finally slash those details from your to-do list. Our market-based quantitative models combine industry intelligence with performance data to generate the best possible pricing and revenue per available room.


Predictive Minds combines data from multiple factors like season, geography, and day of the week to discover the most optimal rates for your hotel.


Results don't appear out of thin air; they stem from the strategic analysis of comprehensive data from all facets of hospitality. We take care of the analysis to form actionable future strategies.


By combining cutting-edge technology with thorough data analysis and the invaluable insights of seasoned hospitality experts, we'll find you the optimal rates for any time of year.


Gradual learning and dynamic improvement by gathered data to capture revenue growth, month after month.

Predictive Minds Reputation Management Services

Turn Customer Interaction Into One of Your Most Valuable Tools

The hospitality industry is a constantly-changing landscape of guest expectations, market fluctuations, and evolving technology. There is one factor, however, that is here to stay: customer reviews and interactions. Predictive Minds Reputation Management Services are designed to maintain the brand and responsiveness of your hotel without keeping you tethered to a screen.

Revenue Is Directly Tied to Reputation

The numbers don't lie; if your hotel is delighting customers and exceeding their expectations, your online reputation index will reflect your success. By taking a proactive approach to your day-to-day operations, and actively managing your online reputation, an increase in average daily rates is guaranteed. 

Strategic Interaction for Widespread Satisfaction

Simply waiting for happy customers is passe. Prompt, professional responses to customer comments and concerns are non-negotiable in today's hospitality industry. Our Reputation Management Service Desk responds to all of your hotel's customer interactions across every review website and social network, but our services don't stop there. Predictive Minds will engage with your guests before they check-in, enhancing the overall hospitality experience and building long-lasting, loyal relationships. 

Let Review Sites and OTAs Do the Talking

Predictive Minds will utilize review analytics in order to optimize your hotel’s service and operational improvements in order to deliver the epitome of hospitality experience.

Leverage Data to Soar Past Competition

Our technology and industry experience is perfectly-suited to isolate your hotel's strengths and weaknesses, improve operations and services, and leap past your competitors.

Other services our reputation professionals provide include:

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    Guest Engagement

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    Al-driven Digital Concierge

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    Risk Pattern and Opportunity Detection

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    Reputation Management

Digital Concierge Services:

In addition to digital reputation management, our innovative Digital Concierge service allows for professional, accommodating guest-interaction with guests while they're staying at your hotel. This service frees up you and your staff and heightens the guest experience to something unforgettable.


Predictive Minds combines data from multiple factors like season, geography, and day of the week to discover the most optimal rates for your hotel.


We'll leverage the necessary data to enhance the overall experience, improve online ratings, and ultimately increase revenue.


Predictive Minds will keep an eye on your competitors, analyze that data, and utilize it in creating a strategic reputation management plan.


Improve ADR, fly to the top of page rankings, and bring in more loyal, long-standing customers by letting Predictive Minds revolutionize your property's reputation.

Predictive Minds Sales Management Services

Outreach that encourages diversity to maximize revenue.

Sales management is one of the most integral pieces of the hospitality puzzle, and Predictive Minds Sales Management Services are designed to not only take this responsibility off your plate but to deliver results you can't get anywhere else.

Let us be your Director of Sales.

Our hospitality professionals can handle all of your sales operations efficiently and remotely, taking care of facets like:

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    RFP Response

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    Lead Generation

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    OTA Distribution

By utilizing a remote DOS, you'll be able to focus on the things that matter most while accessing the expertise of top-notch engineers and some of the most experienced minds in the hospitality industry.

Sales are Integral to Success

The success of any hotel hinges on the effectiveness of its sales team — you can work tirelessly for an optimized experience, but if you can't spread the word, your hotel can't thrive.

Hiring an employee with the training, instincts, and resources needed to achieve optimal sales can break your budget in the blink of an eye, but with Predictive Minds, you can have all of that at your fingertips, and at a price that works for your property.

Group bookings, LNR accounts, RFP responses, and sales inquiry calls not only take time but also require an experienced eye to be truly effective. With Predictive Minds, you'll not only get the expertise of one of our hospitality professionals, but your hotel can also receive remote sales training designed to hone the skills of any existing sales team members you already have.

Stop spreading yourself thin. Let Predictive Minds drive your sales, maximize your revenue, and secure your spot at the front of the pack.